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This Journal has been created in recognition of the fact that not all information or advances in pain medicine can be presented in a randomised controlled fashion.


The Journal will publish papers on clinical practice, basic science, ethics and medico-legal aspects of pain. Issues around suffering, theological, social, psychiatric, psychological, education and resource limitations in pain medicine will be also be considered.


We intend to be a reflective journal and the manner of review and publication will emphasise this.


If you wish to submit a paper to be considered for a future issue please contact the Journal Manager, Kate Dougherty, at


Dr Rajesh Munglani





Volume 1 edition 1 (2012)

Volume 1 edition 2 (2013)

Volume 1 edition 3 (2014)

Volume 1 edition 4 (2014)

Volume 1 edition 5 (2016)